Bathroom, Hall Passes and Hand Signals!

In our classroom one of our rules is to “Raise Your Hand”.  I have 4 hand signals for students to use to gain my attention.

hand signals

1 Finger:  “I need to use the bathroom.”  When student is granted permission to use the bathroom, they must move their magnet on the door from “in the room” to “bathroom”, and take the bathroom pass.  We have a Girls’ Pass and Boys’ Pass.  Of course, I let students know that if they have an emergency they may go, and let me know on their way out the door! I ask that students limit their bathroom usage to twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.  If your child has special bathroom needs, and needs to use the bathroom more than 4 times a day, please let me know!  I encourage students to ask to use the bathroom during down time like 1st thing in the morning, during seat work or “brain breaks” instead of times when I am teaching.  Please review these procedures with your child at home.  Thank you!

Other hall passes include:  Office Pass, Hall Pass and Nurse Pass.  When a student is leaving the room they move their magnet and take the appropriate pass, so I have a quick reference of where everyone is!

2014-08-06 21.18.51Other Important Hand Signals we have are:

2 Fingers:  “I need out of my seat”.  This is used when a student needs to a get a pencil from the Sharp cup, or they need to go to their cubby for something!  Students are not permitted to get out of their seat without raising their hand.

3 Fingers:  “I need help!”

4 Fingers:  “I have a question.”

Please review these hand signals with your child at home!