Pencils! Pencils! Pencils!

In order to eliminate the distraction of sharpening pencils during the day, we will have two pencil cups. When a student needs a new pencil, they will place their pencil in the broken cup and take one from the sharp cup. Any special pencils they do not wish to trade in must be sharpened by the designated pencil sharpener before the morning bell. Each student is to keep 4 pencils in their basket in their desk.

I ask that all student bring in at least 1 box of pencils for me to store in the cupboard, because we share pencils in the class, I like to refresh the sharp cup with a fresh batch of pencils each week.  My favorite brand is  Dixon Ticonderoga, because I have found the sharpen the absolute best!  Thank you for your support!!

2014-08-24 17.47.24


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